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L​uxury Paper Creations​​​
A Precious Memory Designs...A collection of handmade luxury paper creations. Made for the customer that is as unique and special as my designs.

About me

Hey! My name is Angelique. I am 49 years old, married, and have 3 children.  My oldest, Justin, was 20 when he was sent to heaven. He passed away February 10, 2010 from cancer. We live in the middle of the woods in south Mississippi (and love it) with 10 dogs. I worked for many years as a teacher assistant at the local elementary school but decided to quit when Justin was diagnosed. My shop name, A Precious Memory is in his honor.

I REALLY love shoes, purses, and hats so that is what I make! My grandmother had a small collection of shoes when I was a child and I think that is where my addiction to them began! I collect real ones, glass,etc. It doesn't matter what they are made of, I just love them!